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Upload: March 6, 2016

Coosculpting FDA cleared for non-invasive fat layer reduction!

You're physically fit and your weight is stable. You have a healthy diet and lifestyle. But no matter how much you exercise or diet, you just can't get rid of those lumps, bumps and bulges. Often described as love handles, back fat, muffin top or pregnancy pooch, these are small areas of fat that just don't warrant surgical procedures.

Now you can experience CoolSculpting®. This revolutionary procedure uses a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis™ to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damage to neighboring tissue. After a one- to three- hour CoolSculpting procedure, your body goes to work. Over the next two to four months, the crystallized fat cells break down and are naturally flushed from your body. Since the procedure is completely non-invasive, you can return to normal activities immediately. You may experience some redness, minor bruising, tingling or numbness in the treated area, but this is temporary.

On average, each CoolSculpting procedure results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated area. You may only need one treatment, or you may need more. You and Dr. Jennings will discuss a plan that fits you best.

CoolSculpting For Your Chin

We are very excited to announce the CoolSculpting has received expanded clearance for the treatment of the submental area, more commonly referred to as the double chin, which paves the way for the launch of its new CoolMini™ applicator.

  • Designed for Small Areas of Fat Including the Submental Area
  • Optimized to capture and effectively treat smaller bulges
  • Clinically proven results
  • Average of 20% fat reduction, consistent with other CoolSculpting applicators

A 2014 study conducted by The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) showed that approximately 67% of people were concerned with chin and neck fat, consistent with the previous year. Additionally, a recent study conducted in the United States revealed that 22.4 million people are interested in seeking non-invasive fat red
uction solutions.




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